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Vertebral skiing

Spondylolisthesis affects children during the growth period, and the rate of infection in children is 6%. Spondylolisthesis has degrees, and the degree of vertebrae is determined according to the percentage of vertebrae degeneration.
The first degree is 25% of the vertebra sliding on the lower vertebra, the second degree is 50%, then the third degree is 75%, the fourth degree is 100%, and the fifth degree is in which the vertebra completely falls into the pelvis.
The need for surgical intervention is determined according to the patient’s examination and x-rays
However, in most cases, severe spondylolisthesis after the second degree requires surgical intervention, while first and second degree spondylolisthesis can be followed up with growth.

Fractures of the cervical spine may not be diagnosed at the time of the accident, such as this fracture and dislocation of the cervical vertebrae with symptoms of quadriplegia.

Spinal fractures: when they are dangerous and how to move the injured patient at the scene of the accident

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