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Ankylosing spondylitis: one of the causes of hunched back (Kyphosis)

Sherman kyphosis, the humpback of the young

the 6 most dangerous spine deformity correction surgery (kyphosis and scoliosis)

Dangerous spine surgery corrected the kyphosis and changed the life of Wafaa

Congenital kyphosis of the spine: diagnosis and treatment methods from birth to termination of growth

Achondroplasia: correction of its related  kyphosis  

success of the most dangerous spine deformity surgery: a report

A kyphosis associated with a congenital scoliosis in the spine, which causes tragedy for  young adults if not treated early

Successful scoliosis surgery for a girl after 4 previous surgeries. Mission impossible

Creativity of science: A drastic change is taking place in Hana's life after one of the most serious surgeries to correct her scoliosis and kyphosis

How a terrible scoliosis and kyphosis surgery changed the life of Mazen and his family

kyphosis of the spine: causes and methods of treatment

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