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Dr Hany Abdel Gawwad Soliman

Dr Hany Abdel Gawwad Soliman has completed several fellowship programs for adult and pediatric spine in USA and Canada but his career as Spine Surgeon started from the very begning of his residency of Orthopedic Surgery in 2004 as he has been interrested in the speciallity of Spine Surgery and dreamed to be one of the best spine surgeon not in Egypt but in the word, his dream became reality after many years of hard work in the field of Spine Surgery.

He worked all his 3 years of residency in the Spine surgery unit of Al-Azhar University and earned Master degree with thesis on spine surgery.

He did Spine fellowship after Master degree in Spine institute, Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA in 2007.

He then worked in the spine unit of Nasser institude until he got another Spine fellowship in University of Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada for one year in 2009.

Upon his returen from canada he worked in Al-Azhar University hospital and concenterated all his time for Spine Surgery while working on Doctorate degree thesis on post-traumatic kyphosis correction surgey then he did another Spine fellowship in Spine institute, Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA in 2012.

Dr Hany Abdel Gawwad Soliman earned his Doctorate degree in Orhopedic surgery and worked as consultant of Orthopedic and Spine surgery at Al-Azhar University hospitals.

in 2013, Dr Hany Soliman was selected yet another time for life changing opportunity for very prestigious grant and very complex spine fellowship in Montreal University to master his skills in Adult and Pediatric Spine Surgery and to master the most recent techniques of spine surgery in one of the best and most prestigous spine surgery program in the world. the grant was for one year and renewed for 2 years.

Dr Hany Abdel Gawwad Soliman has been honored and recognized several times nationally and internationally with awards from numerous organizations and Universities for his work as Consultant of Spine Surgery for Adult and Pediatric.

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