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Memories with the patients

With Heba, an engineer, and her father, Nabil, an engineer, 9 days after surgery to stabilize a fracture in her spine. She spent 80 days with a broken back without treatment, her daughter next to her was injured, and her husband was injured. God willing, they will return to their country safely

Thank you, Waad, for the sweet words and this innovative gift Thank God for your safety

I will talk about Ali because Ali had a terrible and complex spinal deformity We took this picture moments before the operation, and her mother was full of tears and smiling at the same time, so that Ali and I wouldn't be nervous.

Sheikh Badr from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia I entered the clinic today and found him waiting for me with this shield, a gift from him and his family

3 of them are from a family from Sudan, and the 3 of them have a spinal deformity, and they had a dream to come to me and perform the operation on them, and because of the war in Sudan, things were difficult and became difficult every time. The eldest, “Eman,” died and the operation was performed in Aden. May God have mercy on you, Iman, and may peace be upon Aden

Before - After
the clinic
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